Share Your Story

November 15, 2020
As we continue to join God in his mission to BLESS the world, we are living as his witnesses to the world. Witnesses tell what they’ve experienced; what they heard,…

Serve With Love

November 8, 2020

Eat Together

November 1, 2020
As we continue our series looking at B.L.E.S.S. we continue to see how basic, practical steps we take everyday can be turned into great missional practices that influence the world…

Listening With Care

October 25, 2020

Begin With Prayer

October 18, 2020
When we talk about being on-mission with God, it’s easy to want to hit the ground running and do all we can. There are so many needs out there. Let’s…

God’s Mission

October 11, 2020
God is on a mission. A mission he is giving everything to accomplish. The Bible reveals to us the story of that mission. Essentially, it tells us that God has…