Instructions From A Father

Instructions from a Father_Sermon Graphic

2 Timothy 2:14-26
The responsibility of a parent is very simply to prepare children for adulthood and commission them to carry the torch, or the mission, to the next generation. How seriously we take this responsibility will have a huge effect on the future of our children and their posterity. In our text today, we will look at three important instructions that Paul gives to Timothy for the church. These apply both to ministers and every Christian for living a life that is sanctified and useful to our Master, the Lord Jesus.

I. Hold fast to the _________.
II. Avoid _________.
III. Refuse to __________.

Passing a baton in a relay race is a skill that determines the success of the race. We are in transition as a church with fathers passing the baton to the next generation to carry on the mission to reach our world for our Lord Jesus. This is an exciting time. Let us all do our part and run this race to win.

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