Now I See

Now I See Sermon from our Passion Week Sermon Series. John 20:11-18

Today we celebrate the greatest day in the history of the world, the resurrection of Jesus. The resurrection is what unites all of Christianity. The resurrection is what secures our standing before God. The resurrection brings victory over death itself!  The resurrection is the foundation of our joy now and forever.  But why don’t we often feel joyful?  Jesus promised to be with us always. Sometimes, in the midst of great grief or sorrow, we don’t see Jesus in our lives. Many people ask, “Where is Jesus?” Today, we’re going to see another person who was so focused on her grief she could not see Jesus standing right in front of her. We’ll see how easy it is for us to miss Jesus, even though He is always with us. But when we hear Jesus call our name, we can say along with the great hymn, “Once I was blind, but Now I See!”


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