Thanksgiving; A Day, A Lifestyle, An Attitude

Thanksgiving: A Day, A Lifestyle, An Attitude, from the "Your Money Talks. What’s it Saying?" sermon series, James 1:17

Thanksgiving Day is one of America’s most treasured holidays.  We gather together with family and friends to feast and enjoy ourselves in celebration, and hopefully we take time to remember what this celebration is all about; giving thanks to our beloved Heavenly Father who showers down on us blessings too numerous to count.

We trace this idea of a day of special thanksgiving to our Pilgrim forefathers who came to America in 1620.  We are going to take a closer look at these ancestors of ours to see not only what they did, but why they did it.  Their Christian character and deep faith in “The Divine Author of Every Good and Perfect Gift” shaped the character of what would become the most prosperous and giving nation ever to exist on planet earth.

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