The Advent of Peace

The Advent of Peace from the "Jesus, the Light of the World" sermon series, Luke 2:6-15

God is a gift-giving God.  He gives many gifts to his people.  One of the greatest gifts He gives is Peace.  We all search for peace in life.  Peace with ourselves, peace with our past.  This is what we really celebrate on Christmas.  Jesus came to the world to bring peace.  However, Christmas time often feels like a time of little peace. It can even feel chaotic.  This time of the year can bring family division to the front of our minds.  Many of us know someone who is suffering medically.  The desire to give gifts to everyone can bring great financial strain.  So how can we have peace?  How we live a peace filled life in the midst of the chaos around us?  Let’s look to the Bible, where we’ll see Jesus as The Advent of Peace.

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