We’re In This Together

We're In This Together___What on Earth Am I here For? from our "Why Did God Create Me? Sermon Series, Matthew 28:18-20

So many people today struggle with loneliness. Loneliness is now seen as a modern-day epidemic. With our ever-busy lives that get busier and busier, it is hard to develop and maintain deep, lasting relationships. It can be easy to feel like an island in the ocean, surrounded by so much, but connected to so little. Is this what God desires for His people? No!

God desires that each of us would have deep, fulfilling connections to other people. He does not want to see anyone “go it alone”. In fact, God created us for fellowship. What is the value of fellowship? What are some ways we can pursue it? Let’s look to the Bible today to find the answers to these questions. After all, We’re in This Together.


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