Your Great Mission

Your Great Mission Sermon__What on Earth Am I here For? from our "Why Did God Create Me? Sermon Series, Matthew 28:18-20

Have you been feeling like you’re missing out on something?  Feeling like something in life is passing you by?  Maybe you can’t point to it.  Anyone looking at your life from the outside would assume everything is great.  You may have a great job and great relationships.  Maybe you don’t have a great job or relationships, but you still feel as if there’s something bigger you’re missing.  What is it?

We can feel like we’re missing out on life when we miss our purpose.  God created us with a purpose as unique as we are. God has a Great Mission for you.  The more you seek to accomplish that mission, the more joy and contentment you will have.  What is that mission?  Let’s look to the Bible today and see our Great Mission.


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