Your Money Talks. What’s it Saying?

Your Money Talks. What’s it Saying? from the "Your Money Talks. What’s it Saying?" sermon series, Luke 12:22-34

The topic of money is usually avoided in most conversations.  It can be a touchy subject that we might prefer to leave alone, but God does not feel the same way!  There are more references in the Bible to money than to faith or prayer.  Why?  Because how you use your money shows the spiritual state of your heart.  Jesus says, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  The Bible refers to the heart as the center of our values and beliefs.  We shout our values to the world through the way we use our money.  So how should we best manage our resources to bring great joy to us and those around us?  Let’s look to the Bible and see God’s heart for our finances.  Remember, Your Money Talks. What’s it Saying?

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